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Navneet is an MBA, passionate about bringing positive change in Early Child Care and Education, and has created a highly scalable, replicable, and economically sustainable model that also harnesses parental engagement in a socially responsible manner. Prior to alphaTUB, he worked with TCS and helped setup TCS in Vietnam and China. Thereafter Navneet founded iSMART Education in Vietnam. Navneet is an active member of the CII IP Committee & India Japan Business Leaders Forum constituted by the Ministry of External Affairs.
September 15, 2022

Developmentally Appropriate Assistive Tool For Young Children With Dyslexia. alphaTUB

Dyslexia is a condition that may hamper a child’s growth in the absence of a proper support mechanism to guide them. While Dyslexia is usually termed a neurological disorder; however, when dug deeper, it can also be termed a visual...

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